New Media

Our New Media Consulting services at a glance…

– Social Media Architecture Development
– Social Media Training

PR / Public Relations:
– Online Reputation Management
– Social Media Channel Management
– Online Reputation First Aid
– Crisis Management

HR / Human Resources:
– Corporate Social Media Policy
– Employee and Executive Training
– Crisis Prevention


– Impact Measurement and R.O.I.
– Brand Insights Management
– Digital Brand Management
– Community & Customer engagement

Customer Service:
– Conversation Monitoring
– Customer Acquisition and CRM
– Conflict Resolution
– Live customer support


Understanding The Importance of New Media:

Fact: Social Media and New Media give organizations an unprecedented ability to 
engage with specific audiences, build vibrant communities and strengthen 
relationships with customers. This is why smart companies an organizations like yours
are trying to understand exactly how to get into the social media space and use new
media tools to drive their growth, gaining a competitive edge in their markets.

But as many organizations are painfully finding out, being successful in the Social space 
isn’t as easy as just launching a blog, creating a FaceBook group and starting a Twitter 
account. New media channels can be treacherous communications channels where lack
of focus, poor execution, negative press and mismanaged transparency can spread like
wildfire and cause further damage to already stumbling brands.

In order to be successful with Social Media, you need to make sure that the team planning
and managing your online engagement has both demonstrated experience working in this
space, and practical experience working with the appropriate tools.

We help companies and organizations like yours enter the Social Media space 
effectively, first by training your staff, then by helping you develop strategies that will
enhance your current marketing, business development and other strategic objectives.

We also help companies already active in the Social Media space broaden their reach, 
measure the effectiveness of their Social Media engagement, and most importantly get 
real results (the kind of results that actually impact your P&L).

By the way, the question is no longer whether or not you should invest or engage in new 
media. That decision has already been made by their (your) customers. The channels
already exist and are used daily by tens of millions of consumers to share product
recommendations, chat about positive and negative brand experiences, and discover the
next product or service they will spend their money on.


The now fully mobile Social Web (New Media) is where your customers are accessing 
and sharing information most relevant to them via their trusted peer networks.
Translation: Your customers are opting-out of traditional marketing channels and
opting-in to trusted, personally fulfilling, relationship-based channels.

So the real question is… Are you meeting your customers where they are, or are you still
chasing them where they used to be?

Other questions to consider:

Reputation Management and PR: Are you adequately monitoring online chatter about
your products and services, or choosing to leave your online reputation to chance?

Sales and Business Development: Are you accurately measuring the impact of your New
Media strategies on customer retention, net new customer growth and even sales, or are
you flying blind?

Marketing and Brand Management: Are you leveraging New Media channels to enhance
your Marketing and PR campaigns, or are you still relying only on traditional (paper and
broadcast) channels?

Human Resources: Have you created a realistic and comprehensive internal Social
Media usage policy for your employees, or are you leaving yourself open to a simple HR
issue potentially becoming a major PR problem?

These are only a few of the types of questions and problems we help address for our

If your company is looking for advice or assistance with New Media issues, shoot us 
an email or give us a call. We will be happy to help you make sense of it all and see if we
can help you. (If we can’t, we will at least recommend someone with the right type of