Our Marketing Management services at a glance:

– Print
– Radio
– TV
– Web

Print Collateral
– Brochures
– Business Cards
– Catalogs
– Mailers
– Instruction Manuals

Digital Collateral
– Presentation development
– Website content
– Email campaigns

Great Marketing doesn’t have to be expensive, but it has to work.

The Problem with marketing is always the same: While most large companies can afford
to partner with the best ad agencies, PR firms, marketing consultants and design
studios, most small and mid-sized companies are forced to make do with smaller, often
far less effective alternatives.

To make matters worse, small and mid-sized companies rarely have someone on staff 
with either the time or the expertise to effectively manage marketing projects from the 
inside. As a result, small and mid-sized companies routinely find themselves at a
disadvantage when it comes to generating revenue.

The question for small and mid-sized businesses is twofold:

1. Who can we entrust with our marketing needs?
2. Where can we go for top notch work that won’t drain our budgets?

The answer is simple: BrandBuilder, Inc.

We are your marketing department down the street (rather than down the hall): Our job 
is to take care of your marketing needs when you want how you want us to, and we do 
all of this without being a financial burden on your business.


Creative Services
– Graphic Design
– Commercial Photography
– Copy writing
– Web Design
– Logo Design
– Product Design (consulting)
– Package Design

Strategic Services
– Business Development
– Market Research
– Campaign Management
– Public Relations
– Online Reputation Management
– Social Media Integration
– Event Management


The Old Model:

Ad Agency, PR + Marketing Firm
(Full Service but very expensive. Out of reach for most businesses.)


Smaller Contractors
(Fragmented expertise, require a lot of supervision, marginally effective and often
expensive too.)



We are a virtual agency, which means that we work with carefully selected  teams of
contractors and specialists in disciplines like web design, graphic design, copy writing,
PR, project management, event management, media production, market research, etc.
The advantages of this model are obvious:

Very little overhead (no fancy offices and massive payroll = cost savings for our clients)
Unlimited talent options (we pick and choose the best contractors for each project)
Faster turnaround times (we can increase our capacity as needed)
Better results for our clients (we build custom project teams specifically for each client)

Clients with retainer agreements enjoy priority service status.
– Immediate response during business hours.
– Projects get pushed to the front of the line.
– Priority attention from 1st tier resources.

*Clients without retainer agreements can still expect:
– Same day response during business hours.
– Faster than average turnaround times on most projects.
– The industry’s highest quality standards.

Interested in finding out more? Shoot us an email or give us a call and we will be happy to discuss your needs, answer all of your questions, and start working up a quote for you.